Original Makovica Plum Spirit 52% 0.7l

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This webpage is also available in: sk - Original Makovica Plum Spirit 52% 0.7lSlovenčina (Slovak)

This high-quality original plum distillate is produced of first-class fruit. Only perfectly grown and ripened fruit is able to provide our plum spirit with competitiveness. Plums selected for production are left on trees until they are perfectly ripened and start to shrivel at a stalk. Then fruit contains much more sugar, an amount of acids decreases and their aroma is much stronger. The result of our traditional distillation technology is high-quality Makovica PLUM SPIRIT. Its unique taste, sweetness and purity predetermine it to be a drink of kings, especially a drink of interesting companies with cultivated taste. It is meant for unforgettable moments and glamorous ceremonies.